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How to Find a Memphis, TN Church

A few years ago, my wife and I looked for a church. We are one of those rare beasts: native Memphians, so we knew the flavors available.

Southern Baptist

Communion Table - Whitten Road Sanctuary

I grew up Southern Baptist, Episcopalian and Disciples of Christ, and my wife was Southern Baptist. After a few dates, I told her one day, “I will not go to the Baptist church.” My childhood experience of that flavor convinced me that it wasn’t for me. Pretty much everything was possible.

Big Church

Then we visited one church with a long and skinny sanctuary. The congregation totalled over 1,000 and seemed like a nice place. The sermon was good, but the preacher’s voice seemed thin and grated on my ears. Not that place, we decided.

Small Church

We visited another church (we had two small children in those days) of a different tradition (denomination, if you prefer). It was a small church in midtown. They fussed over us. “We have a nursery,” they said, and went to fetch the two folks who kept the nursery when someone with kids showed up. We kept the kids with us in church. I don’t remember much else about the service. Pass.

Liturgical Church

I wanted to try the Episcopal church. As much as I like the Episcopal liturgy, it felt too formal and too foreign on that day. Perhaps it had something to do with the fact that my knees had gotten considerably older since I last used a kneeler. Oh, and the kneelers weren’t fixed to the floor, so I just about slid the pew into the guy behind me. Embarrassing. Next.

Our Church

And so it went for several weeks. Nope. Not that. Too cold. We didn’t feel welcome. No one our age. Didn’t like the preacher. Didn’t like the music. Too loud.

I learned something: Choosing a church is a personal thing. What works for some doesn’t work for others.

If you’re looking for a church home, Faith Christian Church might be the place for you. Or it might not. But we’d love to be on your list if you’re looking for a place you might fit in. You can find out about our beliefs here and our tradition here.

Consider yourself invited!

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